Posted 2024-04-30 09:00:00 by sanyi ‐ 1 min read

A site about API development with Rust

Last year I started a series of articles on this blog about API development with Rust. I received positive feedback on those articles, so I decided to organize that knowledge into a book-like format.

I involved two of my colleagues on the project: Nikola Kovács (he has deeper knowledge of Rust than I do) and József Dubravszky (he is good at explaning and organizing things).

A few days ago we decided to turn this into an open-source project, so anyone can fetch the source markdown files and contribute.

We are far from being ready, only the first few chapters began to form. The current state of our work is available for reading at

The source repository is on GitHub

The sample codes are available on GitHub too.

One of my colleagues already indicated that he prefers the mdbook format, so I included a script in the source repo (scripts/ that can be used to generate mdbook from the markdown files.

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